Defend My Domain® is a Domain Dispute information portal for Kain Spielman (formerly Kain & Associates), an Intellectual Property (I.P.) law firm. Domain disputes require a unique understanding of the continually developing fields of UDRP law and decisions, the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), trademark litigation theories and tactics, computer law principles and an understanding of the web-based transactions and Internet technology.

Our firm, Kain Spielman, litigates and defends your rights in Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution (UDRP) actions (non-binding arbitrations) and in federal courts throughout the U.S. We integrate our Internet and computer related technical skills with I.P. legal principles to defend and enforce our clients’ rights in domain disputes and cybersquatting (ACPA) matters. We also represent foreign domain owners and trademark owners in UDRP actions.

We provide domain name analysis, comprehensive searches and domain name evaluations, linking trademark rights to your domain. In defensive actions we deconstruct the trademark markets and the trademarks from  descriptive and generic domain names.

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